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Interested to work for LeydenJar? Let us know what you can bring to our company!

At LeydenJar we value diversity, and we provide equal opportunities to all applicants without regard to race, color, ethnicity, religion, gender, pregnancy/childbirth, age, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, etc.

Job requirements

You recognize yourself in our values: 

Dare to pioneer

Creating a battery from a failed innovation from a completely different industry is daring. Daring to go for a 70% higher energy density instead of the yearly 3% is pioneering. Using new materials is pioneering. Building an international team is daring. Although LeydenJar is modest, there’s no denying its bravery. It is an important part of the DNA of LeydenJar. When faced with two identical options, employees are motivated to go for the most pioneering and daring option in order to innovate even more.

Question everything - answer with data.

LeydenJar is always challenging the status quo. That is how LeydenJar was founded, and that is how we keep pushing the limits. Everybody is invited to think along, there are no rules or dogmas. We bring suggested solutions and a willingness to discuss solutions, with no wrong answers. We share and respond to feedback with the best interest of our colleagues in mind and assume the same noble intent of our colleagues when they share and respond to feedback. We do, however, request solid answers, and back up our answers with data and research.

Own setbacks and success

We are open about and stand united in obstacles, challenges and breakthroughs.

We celebrate our successes, and we share and celebrate our failures with equal energy.

We commit to overcoming the highest mountains, together.

Prioritize action

We are a young, fast-growing company with a can-do mentality.

We prioritize action over no action.

Taking action has brought us where we are now.

Empower optimistic future

We know why we’re here: the future is exciting, there are so many amazing innovations that can improve our world and make our lives more fun.

The next generation batteries will not be possible without our technology. It will be unsafe, low in energy or not scalable.

Without our technology, the most important electrifications will not be possible.

We focus on the positive, we strive for positive change.