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Excited to join the battery technology revolution?


Are you excited to help shape the future of battery technology and consequently the future of consumer electronics and mobility? Do you want work with an ambitious and entrepreneurial team and with Fortune500 clients to bring LeydenJar's revolutionary product to market? Are you excited to dive in to a VC-backed deep tech scale-up company with the ambition to change the world? Then join us!

Our organisation

Leyden-Jar Technologies was founded in 2016 as a spin-out from Dutch research organisation ECN (now TNO) and operates from two locations in The Netherlands. Our battery R&D, product development and administration are largely centered in Leiden and our production and process R&D are largely centered in Eindhoven. LeydenJar has been growing fast to a current team of more than 50 dedicated and ambitious professionals. LeydenJar is funded by a number of leading venture capital firms and works to commercialize its technology in cooperation with the worlds leading players in automotive and consumer electronics.


LeydenJar creates the world’s most energy dense anode foil made of break-proof silicon. Using LeydenJar anodes, technology companies can benefit from Li-ion batteries that are extremely powerful, small and fast to charge. LeydenJar’s unique technology solves frequently occurring problems with the use of silicon, such as swelling and breaking when charged.

LeydenJar makes li-ion batteries based on a unique, patented pure silicon anode technology which increases the volumetric energy density of batteries by 70%, reduces CO2 emissions by 85% whilest also reducing costs. For this purpose, LeydenJar uses Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition as our key production technology. As we speak, our teams of battery scientists, production engineers and application engineers work hard to scale-up our production technology, further improve our battery specs and to work with leading Fortune500 clients to move from the R&D phase into the product phase.


Not many people can say that they made it possible for airplanes to fly on electricity instead of fuel. Or that they have beaten Tesla’s batteries. Or that they build the foundation for phones that never die.

Can we? We sure think so. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but we’re pretty close. We strive for a bright future, filled with energy. One step at a time, big ambitions in mind.

How do we do this? The answer lies not – as one might expect – in our amazing technology. No. It is found in something more complex and unique: our team, our culture and our DNA.

What defines LeydenJar’s culture? We’ve captured it in 5 core values. These core values describe what we feel, how we think and what we strive for.


1. Dare to pioneer

2. Question everything – answer with data

3. Own setbacks and success

4. Prioritize action

5. Empower an optimistic future


We are looking for innovators, experimenters and entrepreneurs that share our mission to contribute to sustainability through developing and commercializing our breakthrough battery technology. Common vacancies in our team include those of battery scientist, application engineers, process engineers and process/lab technician, but don’t hesitate to reach out if you feel that you bring something unique to the table that helps LeydenJar in its growth trajectory.



5 jobs


Production Process Engineer (Battery)Leiden, Zuid-Holland, NetherlandsBattery lab
Senior Battery Scientist/EngineerLeiden, Zuid-Holland, NetherlandsBattery lab


Looking for internship possibilities?Leiden/Eindhoven, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Marketing and Product Specialist InternshipLeiden/Eindhoven, Zuid-Holland, NetherlandsProduct
Open ApplicationLeiden/Eindhoven, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands